Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World 2018

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World 2018

The most expensive cars in the world are so much more than transportation. These rolling art pieces encapsulate the priorities of the one percent, and in that universe, flamboyance and swagger take precedence over practicality and efficiency. Lifestyle criticisms aside, these are truly mind-boggling machines, and we’d like to count down our favorites for you here, trust me am taking you down your memory lane.


10. ZENVO STI ($1.2M)


Kicking off our list is less of a car and more of an unchained animal in the ST1. Assembled in Zealand, Denmark, the Zenvo creates an absolutely obscene amount of power by combining a 6.8-liter V8 with both a supercharger and a turbocharger. Just how much is obscene exactly? How about 1,104 horsepower and 1,054 pound-feet of torque, all channeled to the car’s rear wheels.



Few cars on the road are more striking, and even fewer accelerate faster. With a dry weight of less than 2,800 pounds, this dragon-like performance car accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3.0 seconds, and it’ll prance to 124 mph in under 7. Flat out, it’ll top 217 mph.



The Huayra is equally as famous for its odd-sounding name as it is for its face-melting performance. Named after the Incan God of Winds, the Huayra (pronounced why-rah) boasts an AMG-sourced 6.0-liter V12 with two turbochargers, resulting in 620 hp and and a massive 740 lb-ft.


7. ASTON MARTIN ONE-77 ($1.4M)

Under the vented hood lurks a naturally aspirated V12 that displaces 7.3 liters, which is a lot. It produces 750 hp and 553 lb-ft, which is also a lot. Those numbers make the One-77 the fastest Aston Martin ever made, as this spy chaser will top 220 mph in the right conditions. From a stop, it’ll do 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds.



You can buy a lot with $2 million — a really nice house, about 80 Mazda MX- 5’s . A logical thinker could probably think of a better way to spend your life savings, but people out there don’t give a damn about logic. Because they’re mega. And after reading what the car is capable of, $2 million might actually be a steal. The numbers remain absurd. The One:1uses its twin- turbocharged 5.0-litre V8 to accelerate to 248.5mph in 20 seconds. Hit the brakes and it can go from that speed back to zero in just ten. Alternatively, keep going and it'll not stop accelerating until 273mph. Find a corner and the One:1will pull 2G laterally with up to 830kg of downforce. It's an F-22 on wheels.



The supercar is mechanically identical to the F12, but the Berlinetta isn’t exactly a Fiat Panda to begin with. Its 6.2-liter V12 churns out 740 glorious hp, enough to propel the car to 60 mph in only 3.1 seconds. The ultra-rare flag-waver hearkens back to Ferrari’s bespoke past, as the company built several region-specific sports cars in the 1950s and 1960s.



This list wouldn’t be complete without some version of the mighty Bugatti Veyron. We’re shining our spotlight on the the Mansory Vivere edition here, because not only is it one of the fastest cars in the world, it’s one of the most expensive. The engine has an earth-shattering power of 1200 hp and claims a top-speed of 406 mph. This is one of the fastest Bugatti ever built and has already been sold out worldwide.



The first Middle Eastern super-car maker is W Motors. First established in Lebanon and now based in Dubai, W Motors has followed up the Lykan Hyper Sport with the Fenyr Super Sport. Both are capable of 245mph, according to the maker.

Power units are sourced from German Porsche tuner Ruf, so there's a twin- turbocharged flat-six mounted behind the cockpit, while bespoke materials including diamonds and sapphires in the headlights are used throughout the car to create a unique machine.

If the Hyper Sport looks familiar, that's because it's the most expensive car to ever appear in the Fast & Furious movie series, and was the car that crashed between tower blocks in Furious 7.



The car is absolutely stunning from every angle, and to this day, we’re not convinced it isn’t an alien spacecraft surveying our planet for eventual takeover. It just doesn’t seem real. The Batman car was first unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show and you indeed need to be Bruce Wayne to buy one, a super 6.5L 740 b hp V 12 engine, the Veneno can accelerate from 0- 100 in less than 3 seconds also making it one the most powerful hyper-car in the world. The only thing more remarkable than the look is the price, a whopping $4.5 million.



Underneath the lustrous finish lies a 4.8-liter, dual-supercharged V8 with a total output of 1,004 hp and 797 lb-ft, which means it should have little to no trouble overtaking semis on the freeway. The car’s specifications — in both performance and price — are nearly comical at this point, and just three were ever made.

Alex Todd Brand Manager at BoxyMo commented "The 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe was sold for $8.7 million in 1987. That and many others won’t
be included in this list, because they are no longer available in the market."

Which car do you think is missing in this list? Share with us also, which is your favorite sport car.

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